Complete Guide to Write My Essay Online Writing Service is a modern-looking and well-laid out writing service, established nine (9) years ago, that looks smart and easy to read. It has a special feature which shows its average quality score, number of visitors and writers, and who are currently active online in real time.

My objective in making this review is to help customers assess whether or not the writing service being reviewed is the perfect fit for your academic writing requirements. The information and analyses are sourced from the service’s web content, customer testimonials and reviews from both on-site and off-site, and the results of the research paper I ordered for evaluation.

Quality of Products and Services

The site claims to produce any kind of paper but does not give a list of services on its website. It does have a drop-down menu for the services when placing an order.

It offers free plagiarism guarantees and formatting, free revisions, and a round the clock customer support. Reviews about its products and services, however, are hard to find, and, thus, no way to verify any of its services.

Writers and Customer Service

The system of hiring writers from this service is a little different from most writing services. Its writers are recommended and rated by students who have used the service. Their scores are added up and used by students to assess whether or not to engage the writers. The site awards its writers by ‘top writer’, ‘writer of the month’, ‘triple ten’ and so on.

Its customer support is not available via phone and live chat like usual writing services. Customers can only reach them via e-mail which means there will be a waiting time for any query to be answered and responded to.

Reviews all point to having a hard time making contact with the service.

Prices, Discounts, and Additional Features

Prices are not available until an e-mail address is left by the customer, which is a cause for alarm to most students and is definitely not well-regarded. Same with prices, I am unable to come by any discount as I would have to e-mail the support, too, to get an answer to this.


I am going to have to rate this service with a ‘Poor’ mainly because it utterly lacks information. To start with, it does not have a list of services it offers other than the promise that it will produce any paper, which is vague and insufficient. Its features are also very different from the usual which cause difficulty in accessing and navigating them – that includes its customer support and pricing system.

Reviews found off-site are also prominently negative and do not, at all, add confidence to customers seeking for some academic writing help.